why cohousing?
From: Rebecca Bodonyi (rebecca.bodonyioberlin.edu)
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 12:44:02 -0600 (MDT)
I'm a student at Oberlin College and I am doing an independent study on
cohousing and alternative housing/neighborhood design. I'm writing today to
ask a few questions that will help me to finish my writing project based on
this topic. Please feel free to reply privately to
rebecca.bodonyi [at] oberlin.edu or to the Cohousing Listserv. Also, if you
would be willing to discuss some of the following ideas in more than a
single email, please contact me. Thank you! I appreciate your time and help!

What is it like to live in a cohousing community? What are the benefits?
What are the downsides?

Why did you choose to become a cohouser?

How does cohousing contribute to the idea of 'kid-friendly' cities (I am
referring to Jane Jacobs and the idea of having more eyes on the streets,
informal social interaction, lively public spaces, etc.)

How do you attract and accommodate diversity? Economic? Racial? Family

Does any level of government provide support for cohousing? In what way?

What are some economic arguments for cohousing?

How does your community deal with environmental issues, if at all?

How does a cohousing community prevent becoming 'gated' or isolated from
the surrounding neighborhood?

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