HOA insurance
From: Marty Roberts (MartyRsonic.net)
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:06:01 -0600 (MDT)

This is a question for California cohousing communities and any info would be much appreciated. Our homeowners insurance was not renewed this year because fewer and fewer CA companies will insure HOA's. Our broker had a hard time finding anyone that would do it and found only one A rated company that will do it for $2000 more than we paid last year. A total of $5425 for 7 buildings (4 duplexes, 2 triplexes, and the common house). This is property and liability insurance. (our home contents are covered privately)

I am wondering if any of you have CA insurance companies for your HOA and what is the name, how much do you pay, are you happy with the service, etc.? We need to renew June 1 and will probably have to go with this one, but want to know if there are other options.

thanks much,
Marty Roberts
Two Acre wood, Sebastopol, CA

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