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Cohousing e-news, volume 1, number 2 (May 8, 2003)

brought to you by the Cohousing Association of the United States 
(Coho/US) [formerly The Cohousing Network (TCN)], its members and 


- A new identity for new times: TCN becomes Coho/US
- Last chance to register for Nat'l Coho Conference at best rates
- Coho/US 2002 Annual Report/Directory released
- "Right on the Money!" PBS cohousing profile
- Mid-Atlantic Chapter communities tour May 17
- $1,000 referral fee offered by Colorado Springs coho

Please share this with your neighbors and others interested in cohousing. 

This issue features an experiment in coho-related classified ads from our 
website interspersed with articles; please let us know at 
editor [at] if you find this format helpful or annoying.

A new identity for new times:

The Cohousing Network (TCN) becomes The Cohousing Association of the 
United States

TCN's board of directors reached a consensus decision in December 2002 to 
change its name to "The Cohousing Association of the United States," or 
"Coho/US" for short.

And this week the change becomes official.

This bold change came in part to broaden our identity and to develop a 
more formal and permanent profile with potential cohousers, the news 
media and local governments. The new name will help brand us as the 
authority of the cohousing movement. Our new name also reinforces that 
cohousing is about the "concept of us" by emphasizing the two most 
important letters in the middle of cohousing: "us."

The old name had two strikes against it, according to the organization's 
Communications Team, which developed a proposal for a new name. The first 
is the unclear definition of "network," which isn't as widely understood 
as "association." TCN also did not signify the scope of the organization 
-- whether it's local, regional, statewide or national.

Other changes in store include a new logo (now visible on our website, ). Next steps include a re-design of our 
website and new format for our newsletter. 

3 bedroom, 1 bath townhouse in Muir Commons Cohousing, Davis, California 
available from July 1st to September 30th. Utilities, local phone, and 
wireless internet included. $1,400/month.

Have you registered for the 2003 National Cohousing Conference?

May 9 (yes, that's tomorrow!) is the deadline for early-bird registration 
(in case you thought it was May 1 and you missed it, consider this your 
second-chance and the omen you were looking for). THE conference, 
scheduled for June 19-22 in Boulder, Colorado, is shaping up to be the 
cohousing event of the year with an exciting offering of workshops for 
every level of cohousing, a great keynote speaker, tours of local 
communities and many fun events. The top names in cohousing will be 
there, helping attendees to enhance their cohousing experience. For more 
information, go to:

Many communities chip in to cover one or more of their members attending 
the conference (road trip!) to report back: have you asked for support in 
your community? Some forming and building communities are sending several 
people to get the most from the conference, which features as many as 
five simultaneous sessions. Let us know if you need some lobbying to get 
the support you need. And keep in mind: if your community or organization 
is a Coho/US member, you qualify for the member-only discounts that can 
save you hundreds of dollars.

The pre-conference workshops held on Friday the 19th include the classic 
"Getting it Built" overview; conflict resolution advice; Facilitation 
techniques; Living in Community; Site Acquisition; and Design & 
Construction. Don't forget the Professionals Day Thursday and bus tours 
of communities in the area both Thursday and Friday (limited seats 
available -- sign up now to get in!).

You can still find reasonable airfares to Denver (code: DIA; a short hop 
from Boulder) from all over, and you won't need a rental car if you're 
staying at the reasonably-priced dorm accomodations. If you'd rather not 
fly, take advantage of Amtrak's 25% discount rate (on top of some already 
reduced prices) by booking online at and using discount 
code H315. It's a wonderful scenic journey in every direction, with 
interesting potential stopovers.

Look for conference brochures bundled with your 2002 Annual Report and 
Communities Directory (see below): please do share them with potential 

If you have any questions about registration, or are thinking about 
coming but need more info or more time, please call or write 
conference [at] The more we know about your plans (even if 
they're not firm yet), the better a job we can do of getting the 
facilities reserved.
Beautiful Light-SW exposure 1 bedroom plus loft bedroom, Duwamish 
Cohousing, Seattle, WA. Gas Fireplace, generous living space, close to 

Now arriving: the 2002 annual report and communities directory

Members: Watch your mail for the 2002 Annual Report and Communities 
Directory, hot off the press! This 36-page publication should make 
interesting reading for everyone involved in cohousing. If you ARE not on 
the mailing list (perhaps you or your community hasn't renewed lately?) 
and you'd like to receive a copy of the publication, send an e-mail to 
office [at] If your community is a member, ask your community 
contact to share the copies he or she received.

The Annual Report, besides showcasing our new logo (designed by 
cohousers, by the way), reports on the state of the cohousing movement, 
with commentary from pioneer Kathryn McCamant, as well as looking at 
Coho/US's strategic plan for building and nurturing the development of 
the movement, and a report on Cohousing media coverage last year.

The Communities Directory provides new depth and current information on 
the 61 completed communities in the US (now in 17 states plus D.C.), with 
detailed descriptions of their unique attributes, plus standardized info 
like location type (urban, suburban, rural, small town, etc.), common 
house size, site acreage, number of kids and adults, and years 
established and completed. We also map the 39 communities under 
construction or with sites owned or optioned, and list the 41 communities 
forming and seeking sites.

For information on Canadian cohousing communities, visit the Canadian 
Cohousing Network:

While the Coho/US Communications Team spent months collecting and 
updating information to create the directory, we found it a challenge to 
keep up with out-of-date websites and changing group plans: Synergy 
Cohousing is now Emerald Place Cohousing, breaking ground in Delray, 
Florida this fall.

Let us know of your updates: we like to hear about what's new in your 
community, both good news and bad. Heck, let us know what's going on in 
other communities, too! Drop a line to Evangeline Welch, Coho/US 
publications coordinator, at editor [at]; for communities 
updates, also see the online Communities List on our site for update 

Newly completed in Colorado Springs, CO, at the foot of beautiful Pikes 
Peak. Casa Verde Commons: 34 Victorian-style duplexes and Craftsman style 
common house. Urban infill site near downtown. Close-by shopping, 
excellent schools, cultural venues, and recreation. Two floorplans 
available, 2-5 bedrooms starting at $227,000.

Wow, Cohousing made PBS again! (since the Lehrer Report appearance last 

Either aired recently or coming soon to a station near you:

"Right on the Money!", show #512, by Twin Cities Public TV
Show title: "Retiring on Less"
Original Air date: 4/5/03 (varies; some affiliates may show it this 
month, next month, or later)

View the coho segment interview transcript, featuring Manzanita Village 
(Prescott, AZ) residents Joan and Lou Burrell, at:

You can find a station list at:

(see individual station websites to see when this episode will air; it's 
already run on many)
Copies of the video are available for $14.95 from the Right on the Money! 

or call (888) MONEY79, ask for "Retiring on Less", episode 512.

Cohousing Development Company. Working to help groups realize their dream 
of living in cohousing. We work east of the Rockies to the eastern 
seaboard. Now working with groups in a number of states. All of the 
owners live in Cohousing or in a "learning community". Extensive 
experience in development, project management, we team up with national 
and local experts to assist groups through the entire development process.
Coming next week: Mid-Atlantic communities tour

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter (MAC) of Coho/US invites you to the Spring 2003 
Cohousing tour. 

Join us on a comfortable tour bus with a knowledgeable guide while we 
tour Takoma Village, Blueberry Hill, EcoVillage, Proximity Cohousing, and 
Liberty Village. Residents of each of these communities will lead an 
on-site visit. We will also hear from future residents of Eastern Village 
and Chesapeake Cohousing. Join us for an exciting day of real-life 
examples of neighborhood choices from urban to suburban to rural.

Cost: $50
Date: Saturday, May 17

See details for this and other upcoming events at:
More homes available at Hearthstone Cohousing! (Denver, CO) Local 
farmer's market, historic theater, great neighborhood. Minutes from 
downtown. Enjoy children's parks, walking labyrinth, community gardens, 
and more!
Send someone to Colorado Springs Cohousing, earn $1,000

Louise Conner or Casa Verde Commons (Colorado Springs, CO) writes:

We are happy to say that we've completed the construction of our 34 home 
plus common house community. We've sold or have under contract 27 homes, 
with 7 homes in two floorplans available. Most of us have moved in, have 
shared meals twice a week since last January, working on the garden area, 
and expecting our xeriscaping any day now. We enjoy a wonderful climate 
in a city of nearly 500,000, with national forests and Pikes Peak at the 
edge of town.

We will pay any cohouser outside our community who sends us a homebuyer a 
reward of $1,000. The buyers you refer to us need to tell us that you 
sent them our way. That's all there is to it! [if any of you reading this 
happen to buy, please do say that Coho/US sent you! We need the dough. 
Other donations also welcome.]

Sonora Cohousing, Tucson, AZ, 4br/3 bath townhome. Hardwood/tile floors, 
A/C & ceiling fans, mountain views, high ceilings, huge basement, 
pool/spa, lush landscaping. Near shopping, bus, bike path.

About this issue of Cohousing e-News

Editors: Raines Cohen, Dennis Jay, Joani Blank; Coho/US Comm Team
Coho/US Publications Manager: Evangeline Welch, editor [at]
Coho/US Executive Director: Roy O'Shaughnessy, execdir [at]
Our website:

Copyright (c) 2003, The Cohousing Association of the United States 
(Coho/US). All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this with 
others interested in cohousing.

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