Following through on community decisions
From: David Heimann (
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 12:08:02 -0600 (MDT)

        This hasn't come up yet in my group.  However, I did live in a
condominium for some time.  An aggrieved party could complain to the
board of trustees.  If the board felt the complaint was justified, they
could send a letter to the owner of the unit.  If it was a financial
matter, for example a serious arrears in condo fees or damage caused by
the owner or their tenants to common property, the board could put a lien
on the unit.  I'm not sure what they could do in case of a non-financial
matter, for example pet poop or playing loud music late at night.  Perhaps
they could levy a fine or carry a complaint in the condominium
association's name to the police.

        I'm curious myself as to what experience cohousing communities who
are "living there" have in dealing with this decision non-compliance.

David Heimann
JP Cohousing

[C-L]_Following through on community decisions
by Rob Sandelin  <mailto:floriferous [at]>
16 May 2003 01:36 UTC   < < < 

Kay argyle mentioned dog poop as an issue. Pets in general are in the top 3
conflict issues of almost any community. The point of this thread is, IF
your community has made a decision, and a person or people are not following
it, how does your community follow up on it?

Making decisions that are undermined by people not following them seems to
be a common experience. How do you deal with it?

Rob Sandelin
South Snohomish County at the headwaters of Ricci Creek
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