NASCO Institute, Oct 31-Nov 2, Ann Arbor, MI
From: Michael McIntyre (
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 17:58:07 -0600 (MDT)

NASCO Institute is one of the largest training events for cooperative
living in North America:

        NASCO = North American Students of COoperation

Some workshops of note:

-Living Well Together
-Power Plays: Exploring Oppression, Liberation & Community
-Becoming a Maintenance Guru
-Board Roles & Responsibilities
-Consensus For Dummies
-Organizational Governance: Beyond the Basics (for Boards)
-Membership: What You Should Have Asked Before Joining
-Car-sharing: Co-operating To Save Money And The Environment
-Conflict: Fight, Flight, Or Opportunity?
-Compassionate Resolutions To Mental Health Crisis Situations In
 Cooperative Communities
-Introduction to Ecovillages

and Dozens more. Hope to see some fellow cohousers there!

in community,
        michael mcintyre

Sunward Cohousing in Ann Arbor, MI has Openings Now!


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