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Elizabeth Stevenson wrote:

>>Have any cohousing groups used single hung windows? We are thinking of
>>going to single-hung windows in order to be able to keep the fiberglass
>>windows that were in our original specifications (due to their low
>>U-values.) What experience does anyone have with single-hung windows?
>>Do you recommend them? Why or why not?
>By single-hung, you mean that only one sash goes up and down? I *hate* mine.
>I really wish the top sash were movable. This would be much better for
>parents of small children as well.
>>While I'm on the topic of windows, I may as well post a question about
>>vinyl windows. What does anyone have to say about them, good, bad, or
>Ours are aluminum, double glazed, but we live in a very mild climate. I
>think my biggest heating bill ever was maybe 20 bucks, so I'm not a good
>person to answer that question.
It depends on your climate.  In the prairies where I live single or 
double hung windows tend not to be very airtight , therefore  drafty & 
energy wasteful.  Casement or awning openers give a far better seal.


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