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From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 10:44:11 -0700 (MST)

On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 12:25 PM, TR Ruddick wrote:

namecalling as a tool of persuasion

The other tool of persuasion that perplexes me is "well, you are the only one who feels that way". Now how does the person saying that really know that I'm the only one who feels that way, and what difference would it make anyway? Am I supposed to feel intimidated into going along with the crowd? It stumps me very time. They say it with such authority expecting me to cave right in.

BTW, I logged into and looked for John Chaffee; there are copies of all of his books there for under $3.00 (plus shipping). I usually just
borrow from the library--it's more environmental. is good. And there is very little difference between old and new editions -- the logic is the same, only the examples are usually updated.

Textbooks are usually not found in libraries unless they are on reserve in a college library --- they are too often stolen so the libraries don't even bother. I warn people of this because they might think that if the library doesn't have the book, it must not be very good.

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