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Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 09:12:22 -0700 (MST)

    This is a Call for Articles for our Spring '04 issue of Communities
magazine,  "Community Seeker's Guide."

    It will be co-edited by myself and Patricia Greene, our Reach/Classified
ad coordinator, and author of the "Seriously Seeking Community" article
    I'm sending this Call to everyone who has written for Communities
magazine in the past, or who has inquired about writing for us.  (Or you're
someone whom I hope might want to submit an article.) I'm sending it the
Cohousing L List as well.

    If you're interested, please tell me your article idea sometime before
the end of November..

    Deadline for completed articles is Monday, December 29th--seven and a
half weeks from now.

    [[Thank you, everyone who responded to the previous Call for Articles
for our Winter '03 issue, ³Thriving in Community.² Here's what we're
"Still Thriving After All these Years . . . ," by Collette Hoff, Goodenough
"Song and Story at Songaia," by Nancy Lanphear;
"Where There are Cooks, There's Good Morale," by Ma'ikwe Ludwig;
"The Ecology of Community, Part I: Commitment To Place," by Jesse Wolf
Hardin; "Finding My Heart at Camphill Soltane," by Mike Green.
    Plus feature articles:
"ElderSpirit: Living the Spiritual Quest of Later Years," by Dene Peterson;
"Seeing the Forest _and_ the Trees, Part I" (sustainable loggers and natural
builders pursue right livelihood in community), by yours truly.]]

    1. If you're a member of an ecovillage, cohousing project,  or other
form of intentional community:
    (1) How has it been hosting visitors? Easy, so-so or difficult? Do you
have a regular procedure for visitors to follow? Do you have an organized
way that visitors can get a sense of your community, and your community can
get a sense of them?

    (2) What's your experience been  in selecting new members? Do you have
an organized way to invite people to join you, or to respond to those who
ask to join you?

    Do you have provisional membership status before a new person becomes a
full community member?  How long is it? What kinds of procedures you do have
so you can learn about the new person's vision and values for community and
they can learn about yours?

    (3) How do you assess your method for getting new community members?
What would you change about it?

    (4) Do you have any advice for community seekers?

2. If you're seeking a community to join:
    (1) What have your experiences been in visiting communities in a process
of seeking a community to join?  Have you had to schedule visits during
vacation time?  Has it been difficult or expensive or time-consuming?
    How have the communities received you?  Have they been gracious and
accommodating?  Friendly but businesslike? Busy and brusque?

    (2) How has it been assessing communities that you're considering

    (3) What do you use as criteria to assess your top candidates for

    (4) How has it worked out when you've chosen one or more communities for
further visits and serious consideration?

    (5) Do you have any advice for other community seekers?

3. If you've recently joined a community:
    (1) What was your search process like?

    (2) What was it about the community you joined that drew you?

    (3) If you didn't find a community you wanted to join, tell us about it.

    (4) If you've joined one, how has the orientation process been? (IS
there an orientation process? If so, what's it been like?)

    (5) Do you have any advice for other community seekers?

    II. PHOTOS. If you'd like to write for this issue, we will need to
borrow hard-copy photos or snapshots of people and or communities to
illustrate your story.

    Important: Please don¹t submit an article unless:

DEADLINE (12/29/03)


case, if we use your article we'll commission an illustration, but we need
plenty of advance warning to know that.  Thanks!

     **We cannot use most digital photos, unless you have a high -end
professional grade digital camera which creates images that are 300-360 dpi
at 5x7 or 8x12 size. This means the images will be a high enough resolution
to use used as lead photos for articles, or for the cover.

    The photos can be vertical or horizontal, black & white or color. We
return the photos after the issue is published.
    Please mail them to Diana Christian/Communities magazine, c/o [note new
address]: 1025, Camp Elliott Rd., Black Mountain, NC 28711.

    III. PERMISSION. Please send the article only when anyone you need an OK
from (such as fellow community members) has already been given. It¹s
difficult for us to get ready to run an article, only to find out that the
author hasn¹t gotten official permission to publish it yet. Ooops.

    If you¹re interested, please let me know. I can send Writers Guidelines
if you don¹t already have them.

    Thanks very much! I look forward to hearing from folks inspired by this
issue theme.

    Diana Christian
    Editor, Communities magazine

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