Re: Process Workshop Recommendations?
From: Becky Schaller (
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 23:15:18 -0700 (MST)
Hi Jeff, thanks for the recommendation.  We've also invited Laird to work
with our community several times and we've been very pleased with him.  The
main problem we've had is that he lives in St. Louis and we live in Tucson.
We're even still working on following through on some of his recommendations
from almost two years ago.  I agree that he is excellent.
Becky Schaller
Sonora Cohousing
Tucson, Arizona

Hi Becky,

At Nyland we have started to talk about having Laird Schaub facilitate some
of our conflictual areas for a weekend.  He comes with 29 years in community
and facilitating for 16.  He has an impressive resume with lots of cohousing
experience.  Contact him at:
laird [at] 

Jeff Jones
3537 Nyland Way
Lafayette, Co. 80026

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