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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 12:01:18 -0700 (MST)

Hello All-

I just wanted to respond to this thread, first to thank Tree for mentioning the FEC and their tremendous work; but I also wanted to bring the idea of affordability into this talk about support for forming communities. (this topic has been discussed many times on this listserv, and hopefully I won't start a mess with this posting <sigh>)

But two things seem valuable re: national support and affordable cohousing:

#1. Profiles of who's been able to get genuine economic diversity in their communities, and **how** they did it.

#2. Provide a database of Affordable Housing professionals who can support the communities that want to work on economic accessibility.

Also in very general terms, there is a very clear reality that co-housing as it stands is a community of home-owners; that requires people qualified for home-ownership. While that is true, and not necessarily a bad truth by definition; there remains the additional reality that many, many people are qualified to own homes and can't afford what's currently on the market. There is little justification for excluding those individuals from cohousing by pricing them out.

Tree's example of funding her co-op's purchase through a community revolving loan fund (with just 20 investors!!) Speaks volumes to what is possible given time, interest, and support. Some of that support it seems, should come from the national organizing body.

On a closing note, I just want to give support to the idea that CoHo-US could learn some good things from the FEC model about nurturing the cohousing movement. Not that CoHo-US should duplicate the FEC for cohousers per se, but that the model could be instructive if we choose to learn from it.

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