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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:58:17 -0700 (MST)
> From: Sharon Villines <sharon [at]>
> Myers Briggs is the best tool I've found to understanding myself and 
> other people -- especially myself.

It's such an old workhorse that the APA style manual says you can
abbreviate it (MBTI) every time you refer to it--no need to write it out
longhand, even the first time you mention it.

> The Kersey interpretation of the Meyers Briggs profiles at 
> is an excellent and convenient introduction. 
> You can take the test online for about $15 and get a lengthy report 
> that not only explains the types but shows you graphs of where you are 
> compared to others in the world.

You can get an MBTI type test free at

You can also get a test there that places you on the Enneagram (a funky
new-age kind of personality sorter, popular with many) and another for the
Big Five personality factors.

If you haven't met the Big Five yet, you ought to give it a try.  The
Enneagram and the MBTI are both based on observation--in both cases,
someone (for the MBTI, Jung!) sat around and wondered about how many
personality factors there were.  For the big five, scholars did extensive
multicultural cognitive analysis to identify the factors.  Consequently,
more validity, at least in a scientific sense.

You also can find the Big Five in the writings of
psychologist/parapsychologist Keith Harary, particularly his Berkeley
Personality Profile.  Harary has methods of comparing your self-rating with
the ratings that others give you to shed light on interpersonal problems
and on potential internal psychological problems.

> If we had Myers Briggs training, I think it would go a long way toward 
> helping us understand our differences. Have I been able to convince my 
> community? Of course not.

Ah, the big rub!  But understanding doesn't necessarily lead to
accomodation or adjustment.  I understand that you and I are introverts,
and I think those loud effusive extroverts out there know that we're
introverts too, but does that get them to quiet down and spread out?  I
don't THINK so :-)  [And there's no way they're going to get me to come out
of my corner at the party to laugh out loud and make small talk, either. 
Except maybe lots and lots of gin...]

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