looking for contracts with developers
From: MerylD (MerylDaol.com)
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 09:46:23 -0700 (MST)
Hi all:

We are working with a local developer on our cohousing community. He has been 
great in receiving our input for the site plan, floor plans, commonhouse and 
the like. We are nearing time to break ground and sign contracts for our 
units. The developer has suddenly put on his traditional developer hat and 
wants to 
present us with his standard contract, which in the traditional of South 
Florida developers is totally one-sided and stacked in his favor (buyers pay a 
surcharge to cover all closing costs and more, no mortgage contingency clause, 

We would like to show him contracts other communities have signed with their 
developers as an example of a more cohousing friendly approach. I know some of 
you have worked with Wonderland Developers and perhaps some other development 

Can someone please volunteer to share their contract with the developer with 
us (you can feel free to blot out your name or price or whatever you don't 
want to share)? 
I would so appreciate it if you could fax your contract to me at 954-341-9741.

Thank you so much!

Meryl Davids
Emerald Place Cohousing in Delray, Florida
which still has units for sale
visit us at www.Emeraldplacecohousing.com
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