Re: [C-L] improving group dynamics?
From: Elaine (
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:25:12 -0700 (MST)
It seems facilitation training is a fundamental part of cohousing, but i was
wondering about some group dynamic training. As most of us were raised (in
the U.S.) as creatures of individuality, are there ways to nudge us toward
group thinking? Ideas include becoming more flexible (with the goal of
facilitating consensus), learning how to make peace with people we find
difficult, finding satisfaction in our community--with its unresolvable
conflicts or whatnot-- instead of pushing for constant change and/or

Are there workshops, speakers, led activities or anything that can help
nudge the members of a community more into group consciousness? The only
thing i can think of are the team-building ropes courses that were popular a
while back. If there is something wonderful, might community members feel
resistant to participating?

Or does it simply take living in community for a while to achieve a group
consciousness? These are some questions some of us at my community are
pondering and i'm not even sure where to begin, or even if there should be a
beginning. Thanks in advance for any input. I hope this made sense.

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