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   1. RE: phases of group development (TR Ruddick)


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Subject: [C-L]_RE: phases of group development
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We used to call these phases "Forming, Storming, Norming, and Conforming".

Those names come from Howard Tuckman. It shouldn't surprise anyone that other communication scholars call the four phases by other names. Tuckman gets used most often, I think, because the names rhyme and so are easy for
students to remember.

In response to the request about books--there are lots of intro. texts for small group communication that go into these phases in one way or another (I haven't had to review those in a few years, haven't taught small group since 1993--but the last one I used in my courses was Rothwell, In Mixed

Some of the decision-making process information may not have been
incorporated into the basic texts yet; I've reported what I got from
convention panels.

TR Ruddick, Dayton Cohousing.


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