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From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 11:46:07 -0700 (MST)
In my message yesterday:
12/10/03  [C-L] _Cohousing listserv spam incident explained     
( see it at: )
I failed to mention that the list had been down starting Sat, Dec 6th
and when it came back up the other problems resulted in the blizzard of
SPAM -  which I refer to as the "Evil Clone Rampage" (ECR) since it was a 
rebuilt "clone" of the list with some little but significant 
differences :) that sent the SPAM. 

I have decided that the clone can be reformed to be as good as ever.
In particular I will not need to reload the subscriber list so you can
make changes and they should "stick" (that is changes you make will not be

It will take me a while to manually reset the digest and no mail mode -
I need to check the correct 900 or so little boxes out of about 7000
possible boxes on 30 web pages.  Hopefully I can do this with minimal
errors in a reasonable period.  I have a very good list of which boxes to

Actually I think I will be culling many of the no mail mode subs
which are really old bad addresses.  Unfortunately mixed in with the bad
addresses are some wanted no mail subs.

So, til I get this done I will only be posting one message a day.
There are new messages about cohousing and they can be read in the
archives at (currently **) at:                      ** archives will be              moving in 2004 

Index of new messages there now:

 11 December 2003
    Re: [C-L]_architects and developers     Chris ScottHanson
    Ecovillage in Lawrence Mass, at MBTA station     Chris ScottHanson
    Cohousing/Ecovillage opportunity in Stow, Mass     Chris ScottHanson
    Cohousing at Davis Square??     Chris ScottHanson
    Cohousing in Seattle - Ballard?     Chris ScottHanson
    Common House kitchen cabinets--glass doors or open shelves?   Fred Olson
    wisdom wanted on common house kitchen cabinets     Ellen Orleans
    job description and qualifications for project manager LShapiro1025  

I urge everyone to try reading messages in the archives - particularly if
you have never visited the archives.  A few people commented that they
thought an "Index mode" would be awkward for them.  This is just a manual
experiment with index mode.  If I ever have an automated way to do it,
it would be optional.  I may distribute messages listed in the index mode
experiment over the list when it is healthy again.

Note that if during this period you have and announcement that you think
warrants distribution by email now, send me a note and maybe I can put
the substance of it in my daily mailing.

Fred, cohousing-L list manager

Fred H. Olson  Minneapolis,MN 55411        (near north Mpls)
fholson at   612-588-9532 (7am-10pm Cent time)
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