Cohousing-L back to normal
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 09:39:13 -0700 (MST)
Cohousing-L is back to functioning normally (I think).  Go ahead and post,
tho if there happens to be a flurry of activity and you have a new topic
that can wait a bit, you may want to hold off posting till things even out.

Progress report. 

I finally got "digest" and "no mail" mode set for all subscribers.
I hope most are the way they were December 1 or the way the subscriber
desired.  Generally I kept settings other than normal delivery that were
presumably set by the subscriber since the list was reinstalled on about
12/9.  This was a bit confusing, so I hope I got them right.

I also dropped subscriptions as requested after the spam incident
as much as possible. It's possible that I may have missed some of these
since I've had quite a flurry of requests that arrived various ways. 

If your sub is not the way you want, go to the 

Cohousing-L Info Page  

and change it.  Since passwords were all changed, you will probably have
to request your password be emailed to you via the form provided first and
then make changes. 

If you have difficulty, send me a note.

I think there were a few no mail subscriptions that folks wanted to
restore to normal (or digest) but it was really like reading tea leaves to
determine this. If I got it wrong, please change it. 

I did NOT try to systematically deal with all of the no mail mode
subscriptions other than restore them to no mail mode.  I decided to defer
this task again -- sorting out the various types (see list below).  I'll
need a better way of tracking them once sorted also.  The sorting will
require some test / query messages - preferably prepared by 'mailmerge'
to indicate the individual address being tested in the test message. 

    Types of no mail mode subs
BAD  non functioning address, permanent - will be deleted 
BADT non functioning address, transient (could be reenabled)
WEB  address permitted to post ( list messages read via the web) 
SPEC address receives only infrequent special messages **
DEX  address receives only "index mode" messages **
ALT  alternate addresses from which a subscriber wants to be able to post
   ** not implemented to date

I had no comments on my experiment with "Index mode" after the first index
was posted.  Index mode would only send a list of new messages to the
index mode subscribers who would read messages of interest via the web
archives. They would post / reply to the list via email. 
If it were every really implemented, it would be optional.

I have no way of knowing how many people actually read  messages via 
the archives because they got my indexes the last few days ***.
There were not that many messages.  Index mode subscribers are probably
less likely to post / reply. I suspect it would serve some people.
Index mode goes back on the wish list.

*** The archive hits stats at:
are only monthly.

After the spam was stopped I received very few complaints.  I received
many notes thanking me for my efforts in dealing with the spam incident
(and efforts over the years).  Thanks to all those who wrote.  
It's nice to be appreciated.  BTW we are starting year 12 now. 

Fred, cohousing-L list manager

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