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From: Rivendell Ranch (rivendell_ranchreachone.com)
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 10:51:07 -0700 (MST)
If this is not an appropriate topic for the group, please do answer me
privately if you have interest and/or would like to share your experience
with me.

I purchased 160 acres on the SW corner of the Olympic Peninsula two and a
half years ago. I am now trying to create an Intentional Community whose
Guiding Principles are based on (please see links after signature below).

I personally own the 160 acres, with a 1/3 private contract mortgage in
place. I have personally invested a great deal of my own savings into
rebuilding, restoring and bringing the ranch this far. Natural building
materials, living lightly on the land, Earth first, other species second,
the seventh generation followed by this generation are the descending order
of priorities. Individuals are encouraged to create excess energy in the
form of profit to make it through the Dark of Winter and to reinvest in
health, education, infrastructure, vacation, reasonable luxuries and
unforseen future needs. Excess profit will be taxed for the good of the
community and the Earth. Private space is recognized as a human need.
Private ownership is not. Each member is expected to be a producer.
Individuals attempting to sit on bottlenecks to generate excess profit will
not be accepted. Living on the interest earned from assets is not
acceptable. Everyone produces something tangible (real service, real good,
art, etc).

I am struggling with
- land ownership: private, land trust, in common, ...
- business ownership: private, land trust, in common, ...
- for profit, or non profit, or something else
- no big private homes, no important investors
- insuring true equality between members
- tribal, Earth centric ethics
- if the ownership of these 160 acres goes non profit, foundation, land
trust, in common; how do I pull out the cash (my life savings of unspent
energy) to be used for whatever

Guy Koehler
Rivendell Ranch
100 Hensel Rd
Hoquiam WA 98550


----  Ten Key Values (of the Green Party of WA)
----  http://www.wagreens.org/TenKeyValues.html

----  United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights
----  http://www.wagreens.org/udhr.html

----  The US Constitution is being deliberately ignored, because it
----  flagrantly ignored the rights of other humans based on sex, sexual
----  orientation, skin pigment and economic resources. Pieces of it may
----  be reused; however, as a defining document, it is a failure.

----  Intentional Community: On Conflict and Consensus
----  a handbook on Formal Consensus decision making
----  by C.T. Butler and Amy Rothstein
----  http://www.ic.org/pnp/ocac/

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