Re: Cohousing-L back to normal/holiday celebrations
From: PattyMara Gourley (
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 11:01:32 -0700 (MST)
Tierra Nueva (central CA coast) is in full holiday mode too.  Liz's
remarks about the heavy usage of the common house reflect our common
house too.  Yesterday I stood at our community bulletin board and counted
a half dozen requests to reserve the kitchen and dining room for parties:
 Greens, school teachers, Hannukah gathering, homeschoolers potluck, big
family gatherings.  I like that we have this option.  I also like that I
have our common house kitchen wolff stove to use if my oven doesn't get
fixed before the 25th.  

The tree is up in the library, the musicians are practicing carols and
the dreidl song, the Solstice lantern walk and campfire play notices are
up. Mcast of 15 or so kids (fairies, spirits, Persephones, Grandfather
Sun, Newborn Sun and Mother Night) are dress rehearsing on Saturday. 
This is the fourth of our Turning of the Year plays, ending our cycle on
Winter Solstice.   And the karaoke machine is reserved for New Years,
with acts lining up to perform and a lively discussion about community
parties and the needs of both the adults and the children.  We're
experimenting with a new concept:  after 10 pm the party will be "PG-13".

Tierra Nueva was featured in the LA Times this past Sunday (Dec. 14) with
a huge picture, a fine story and great promotional information for the
cohousing movement.   Both the reporter and the photographer told us they
didn't want to leave after they were finished with their assignment.   

Neither do I.   After 5 years of this wacky adventure of living in
community, my roots are sinking deeper and deeper into this sacred soil. 
One of the most heart-swelling views we have these days is the greening
patchwork quilt of the farm fields on our northern boundary.  Last year
at this time the fields were swathed  in plastic and doused with deadly
methyl bromide for the strawberry crop.  This year the farm is
transitioning to a sustainable/organic venture, due to the combined
efforts of the four surrounding neighborhoods.   We see shade houses
going up, cover crops emerging and new plantings daily.  There is much to
celebrate this year.  

I echo Liz's wishes for those of you who are working toward building your
community.  Take time to slow down and enjoy one another's gifts.  The
work doesn't stop once it gets just changes.  It's our
personal heart connections that sustain us through the changes.  Nourish
Patty Mara Gourley


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