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From: Peter Reppe (peterlostvalley.org)
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 14:55:21 -0700 (MST)
Dear all,
these three workshops at
Lost Valley Educational Center (Dexter, OR) might be of interest to you...

Reduce your urban environmental footprint        Feb 28-29,  Sept 25-26

Let whole-systems thinking guide you toward minimizing your lifestyle's environmental footprint on a shoe-string budget, in areas such as your home, appliances, shopping, eating, and transportation. Through a lively combination of interactive workshops and hands-on practice, learn how to prioritize your efforts, and gain some essential practical skills towards improving your environmental record.
Subjects covered will include insulating your home, energy-efficient cooking, composting, tuning your vehicle, installing low-flow shower heads or timers.
A unique opportunity to improve your confidence with tools, as well as with the simple math which guides smart "greening" investments.
- The fee for this all-weekend workshop (Fri night check-in, Sat & Sun) is $185, including all meals and lodging. Without lodging the fee is $135. Work-trade for up to half the fee can be arranged.

You can! Energy- and water self-reliant homes      March 13-14,  May 22-23

Ready  to power your home with renewables? Have you minimized the demand yet?   This is a unique opportunity to gain and practice the hands-on skills  needed to implement a variety of energy/water efficiency measures (e.g., caulking, installing low-flow shower heads or heat insulation).   Also, learn the essentials for prioritizing energy and water conservation in your home. For example, identify the most efficient appliances, or the best way to keep your home warm without sacrificing a healthy indoor air quality. Learn how to calculate the savings potential and payback times of your project ideas, so you get the biggest ?savings-bang? for the buck.
This workshop requires little prior experience with tools, and engineering and higher-math skills, only a willingness to learn.
- The fee for this all-weekend workshop (Fri night check-in, Sat & Sun) is $250, including all meals and lodging. Without lodging the fee is $200. Work-trade for up to half the fee can be arranged.

You can! Sustainable mobility for everyone       April 10, June 19

This is a unique opportunity to gain/refresh some hands-on skills for minimizing the environmental impacts related ?moving yourself around? (e.g., driving, riding bikes, flying, etc.).
This workshop will acquaint you with the facts around the environmental impacts of various transportation modes, including cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, and alternative modes, while teaching you how to cost-effectively reduce those impacts. Another important part of this information-filled workshop deals with inherently more sustainable transportation modes. For example, discover the ?right? kind of rain gear for your commute by bike, find out about making bio-diesel, learn about ride-share agencies, and check out a Hybrid car.
Through interactive workshops and hands-on training, you will learn and be able to practice the most essential hands-on skills for optimizing your own vehicle's fuel-efficiency, right during the workshop. We'll also discuss issues such as fuel-efficient driving, and the pros and cons of alternative fuels.
- The fee for this full-day workshop is $150, including 3 meals (work-trade for up to half the fee can be arranged)

- Our food is 100% organic and vegetarian. Vegan meals can be arranged. Please let us know about any special dietary needs you might have.
- Accommodations: option 1: in our dorms; option 2: camping in our tree-surrounded meadow ($15 discount/night).
- Workshop size: up to 12 participants.
- Kids welcome, we can provide child care.

Registration and contact info:
- Register through www.lostvalley.org/reg.html
- Additional info: Peter at 541.914.8560 or email peter [at] lostvalley.org

Other reasons to come to Lost Valley Educational Center, and bring family or a friend*:

On Lost Valley Center's property:
- a cord-wood sauna
- a guided tour of the Lost Valley intentional community
- meditative hiking trails in our "new forest"
- lodge with a fire place and couches
- a self-guided sustainability tour on the property.
Off Lost Valley Center's property:
- Old-growth hiking trails within 20 min
- Fishing, boating etc. in Dexter Lake reservoir (5 min)
- Skiing, snowboarding, etc. within 1 hour (Willamette Pass, 6000 ft)
- Rustic hot springs by a river, about 30 min

*...non-workshop-participants stay for $45/night (room and all meals)

Peter Reppe                             Lost Valley Educational Center
ph: 541.914.8560                        81868 Lost Valley Lane
fx: 425.671.2231                        Dexter, OR, 97431
http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~reppe              http://www.lostvalley.org
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