Re: common house kitchen cabinets & labels
From: Lynn Nadeau (
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 16:42:45 -0700 (MST)
>Infrequently used items are coated with oil 
>that has absorbed a lot of dust.  If everything is used frequently, 
>there's no problem, but it's always an upleasant shock to take down some 
>special serving piece and discover you have to wash it before using it.
>Louisa Thompson
At RoseWind, our upper cabinets are closed, with wooden doors, and there 
are drawers, and fairly open pull-out drawer platforms, and open 
shelving, for things we use often. Some of each. So extra dishes and 
glassware, for example, is closed and up high; everyday dishes are on a 
rolling Rubbermaid cart, with glasses and cups shelved by the beverage 
counter in the dining room. 

If anyone is designing a CH kitchen and wants more description of ours, 
email me directly. Also I think there are some photos of our kitchen at

My challenge is labelling. It really helps to have it all clear, so 
things get found, and also put away in order. I found sticky paper I can 
run through my computer printer (looks sort of translucent like Magic 
Tape). A whole page of it can be cut up into labels of any size, once 
printed. But it's not waterproof, from my ink-jet printer, and it's too 
much trouble to make just a few labels when needed. Has anyone used one 
of those label-printing machines (not Dymo, but sticky tapes on clear 
base)? I'm starting to think that even at $50 or $100 we'd get good use 
out of such a thing, as we have labels on light switches, mailboxes, and 
dining room drawers and cupboards, as well as kitchen stuff. Any other 
bright ideas?

Lynn Nadeau 
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