Help! Will this cohousing promotional plan work?
From: Chris (
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 13:42:41 -0700 (MST)
Hi, folks!

I'm brand new to this list, but I'm hoping you can help me.

Our firm, DesignHub, helps Cohousing Development Corporation with promotions for their Ann Arbor communities. In fact, one of my business partners lives in Great Oak – one of the three CDC communities.

We're now looking at ways to help CDC recruit more people to consider joining the new Touchstone community. We're considering holding an open house/information session in spring to coincide with Touchstone's groundbreaking. (The open house will occur in the common house at either Sunward or Great Oak, right next door.) And we're considering using DIRECT MAIL, in addition to publicity, flyers, and advertising, to promote the event.

The mailer will very plainly INVITE the recipient to attend the open house/information session. In other words, there'll be a clear CALL TO ACTION. The mailer will also attempt to capture the recipient's interest with words and pictures that point to the unique benefits and appeal of cohousing.

I've left a message at The Cohousing Network to check on the mailing lists I'm told they have. But we're also looking at a "lifestyles" list from a commercial list provider. This list would identify people who fit the profile of a typical cohousing community member (generally liberal in outlook; contributes to environmental/wildlife causes; health-conscious; etc.).

Has anyone tried to promote an event like this with direct mail? What were the results?

What lists worked?

Can you think of good ways to segment the list, so we get it down to a core of the very best prospects?

What fun things did you include at the event to encourage attendance? (Entertainment? Food? Seminars?)

In short....

Can you share any wisdoms before we get more deeply into this?

Thanks greatly!!

Chris Kochmanski

chris [at]

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