Re: Homeschool in cohousing
From: Sandy Thomson (
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:04:04 -0700 (MST)
Hi Zev,

Here at Heartwood we have had a sweet little homeschool coop for 2 years
now.  We have three main teachers who don't get paid but their children get
to go to the "school" free.  The parents of the other kids, 10 in all this
year, each pay $500 per child to cover supplies, and training for the
"teachers".  School is from 9am to 3pm M-Thurs.

The kids K-3 all meet together in the morning for circle time then separate
for different classes.  We use a Waldorf inspired curriculum
( and have separate classes for nature studies, math,
reading, music, art, theatre, games, cooking, crafts.  In the morning we
follow the curriculum.  In the afternoon other parents and other members of
the community take over doing things they like to do.

We had 2 kids from outside the community last year but their were problems
with that.  This year it is all kids from the community with the exception
of a child of a family who has been a friend of chousing since the very

I have lots of information I would be willing to share.  How we got started,
things to consider, what to watch out for, etc..  I think cohousing is an
ideal place for this sort of thing.   If you want to talk more let me know.
Given the time maybe I could write something up for you and others

Good luck, it has been an amazingly positive experience here at Heartwood.
For the whole community!


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