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Dear Friend of Cohousing,

As part of the effort of the Cohousing Association of the United States and
Abraham Paiss & Associates to provide ongoing educational opportunities
about cohousing, Neshama and I are sponsoring a one-hour Question and Answer
Forum hosted by Arthur Okner the ³National Cohousing Answer Man.² Arthur is
a resident of Nomad Cohousing in Boulder, Colorado, and has been helping the
Association in this role for the past two and one half years.

The call-in program will be tomorrow, Tuesday, January 27 from 8-9 PM
Eastern Standard Time or 7 PM in the midwest, 6 PM in the Mountain states
and 5 PM Pacific time.

To be connected to the program, please call 1-712-825-8000. When you are
asked for a PIN number, enter 54201# and you will be dropped into the call.

The bridge line is being offered free of charge, and we plan to make this
service available on an ongoing basis and to communities we work with. The
only cost to callers will be whatever your regular long-distance charges are
for the time you are on the call.

Thank you,

Zev Paiss
ZPaiss [at] comcast.net

P.S. Arthur will also be a guest at the ³Getting Started Cohousing Workshop²
we are facilitating in San Diego on Saturday, Jan. 31.

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