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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 17:19:28 -0700 (MST)
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One thing you might want to consider in steel and concrete structures is
how to insulate them so they are comfortable. Thermal breaks must be
thought out and the type and amount of insulation that goes into them.
Costs for steel structures are higher, but they are very durable. Steel
framing is an excellent choice for multifamily developments if you can
afford it.


Asynaps said:
> Steel homes.. 2 3 plus levels.. with a sundeck roof
> I was chatting with a guy that built himself a 3 floor steel home with a
> sunroof on top (ref: ). I liked information
> I heard about using steel instead of wood to build a structure. I am
> wondering what you guys think about living and working in a home that is
> build of steel and concrete.
> Some Frequently Asked Questions and answers about steel homes
> I found plans for #8220;steel#8221; homes here:
> Also, see:
> Some video#8217;s on it
> These are just some ideas about materials to use on a multi-unit
> structure. One of the things I liked about using metal, is it allows for
> greater interior square footage than wood type framed structures. This can
> be of value when tryig to squeeze out as many square feet as possible on
> expensive urban properties. Also, this allows for more available space
> outside than a standard wooden structure. And It appears that it is
> stronger and more resistance to weather, mold, termites, fire, etc. And It
> appears that these structures can go higher than wooden structures. So it
> may be possible to squeeze in additional footage in additional floors.
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