Please don't post to cohousing-L ...
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 08:18:38 -0700 (MST)
Please don't post messages to cohousing-L:
o about Viagra or other banter (send those to individuals)
o related to your subscription (send those to me)
o advertising for things unrelated to cohousing **
o apologies (generally) if you post something mistakenly unless
  special explanation is required.  Most things mistakes are easily
  recognised and apologies are one more message NOT about cohousing. 
o that quote entire previous messages (or worse yet, complete 
  digests) Edit quotes to remove only relevant portions.
o with "RE: Digest ... " type subjects. (digest subscribers need to
  restore the subject line when replying to list messages)

If in doubt about the appropriateness of a post, feel free to consult me.

** There is a legitimate way to mention things that are not directly
related to cohousing - as a brief (a few lines) footnote to a message that
is about cohousing.  This mention can contain a URL *** for details or
request for off list email followup.  Remember however that the message
has to be "good enough" that people will read to the bottom.

*** URL suggestions.

Remember that urls (web page addresses) in email are much more effective
if they include the "http://"; part which makes them "clickable" in
archives and some email programs that would not otherwise.  If they are
not "clickable" , they must be copied and pasted into one's web browser. 
This considerably reduces the number of people who will access the web

Often not "clickable":
Usually "clickable":
(Try finding this message in the archives via that URL to see. Archives
are organized by date and this message is being posted 30 January 2004)

Fred, cohousing-L list manager

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