RE: Glass vs. Plastic drinking cups
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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 18:13:06 -0700 (MST)
During the summer, when people are eating out on our concrete terrace dishes
get broken. Even the kids prefer stoneware or glass it seems although we try
to encourage use of the plastic. But adults are klutzes, too. Has anyone
considered a "donation" jar in the kitchen that folks can drop a dollar (or
something) into when they break a dish, plate, glass? It might encourage
more carefulness and responsibility - plus help pay for the new stuff. (All
5-6 year olds are exempt.;-)
Also, having matching dinnerware means it all fits into a commercial
dishwasher and shelves easier & faster.
Anne - Jackson Place Coho

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We started out with donated glasses, mostly glass, some plastic, and a few
pieces of stemware. People definitely preferred the glass to plastic.  These
original have been replaced with purchased glass glasses as needed.  I think
people have continued to donate stemware, because we no longer run out when
wine is served, but very little of it matches.

> ... Breakage is not a problem. ...
Depends on the floor surface.  Until last year, our dining room floor was
concrete, and we went through a LOT of glasses (and bowls -- not much plate
breakage, for some reason).  The pergo flooring has considerably decreased


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