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Ok, this is my last posting for the evening.  (I'm sooo excited to find this 
list serve!!!!)

Another aspect of my thesis topic is related to urban cohousing models, but 
I?ve not found many communities to research.  If you know of any that are 
not on my list, I would love to hear about it.
Here is the list I have and the contact person (no name means no 
contact - would greatly appreciate one)
I would love to add to this list...with your help.
If you live in one of these communities and have time/interest, please 
download survey and complete as much of it as you can (specifically the 
demographics portion - if you're website has the general
please provide link and any credits that I should cite in my documentation.  
This is the same form I attached to the previous mail if you are reading 
them all.)   [SEE NOTE ABOVE] Please return the survey by Feb 28.

Puget Ridge, Seattle - Barbara Erwine
Jackson Place, Seattle -
Duwamish (Ciel), Seattle -
Winslow, Bainbridge Island - Roberta Wilson

Swans Market, Oakland -
Doyle Street, Emeryville -
Berkeley Cohousing, Berkeley -

Quayside Village,  - 
Windsong, Linden -
Cardiff Place, Victoria

BOHO 90 -

Thanks much!

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