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From: Louisa Rogoff Thompson (
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 08:12:37 -0700 (MST)

I looked at your website - you've done a fantastic job. I'd like to ask others on the listserve their opinion about whether it's really necessary to have people pass the common house on the way from the parking lot to their homes. I haven't yet lived in cohousing myself. What I have lived in are apartment complexes where I have to walk a long way from my car to my apartment. I'm 55 and have some physical limitations, which make it very difficult for me to carry packages, and I seem to need to transport a lot of stuff wherever I go. I use various carts - every day! - often making 2 or 3 trips to load or empty my car of the items I had to use that day. I would be reluctant to move into a community again where I have to do that. In Tucson you may not have the added hassles of doing this in rain or snow, or with ice on the ground, but even in great weather, the idea that it takes half an hour to unload my groceries, briefcase, etc. is a huge disincentive. It is also impossible to vaccuum my car because the parking lot is so far away. Imagine having to get to the car in a wheelchair. Remember that sidewalks eventually heave or get potholes. My carts tip over, or are harder to pull, wherever a tree root has pushed up the sidewalk.

I feel that a cohousing project ought to offer plenty of attractions to draw people outside to interact with each other, rather than forcing them to. Give people various sizes and styles of places to gather outdoors, some of them functional like clothes lines or outdoor cooking areas, others just shady spots to sit and talk or watch the children play. I liked your design that puts the common house in the middle, where everyone can see it and get to it easily. I'd be much more likely to go to the common house after I got home if I wasn't tired and angry about the hassle, and if the common house were close to my unit and visible from my windows.

Louisa Thompson

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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 07:45:03 -0700
From: "Kristin Becker" <kbecker [at]>
Subject: [C-L]_ New Cohousing Design Website
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Just wanted to let you all know I have started a website
( for my project on integrated
cohousing.  It has all the information I learned last semester as well as a
report I completed analyzing three communities in Arizona.
In addition, there is a new link to come very schematic designs that I would
love feedback on.  Hopefully I'll get the site up next week.

Also, anyone interested in participating in my mock community, I am looking
for more people who would be willing to look at this website on a somewhat
regular basis and give me feedback.  Thank you!

Kristin Becker
University of Arizona
School of Architecture

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