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Solterra was designed with roads to every homesite so that houses have been 
built with one or two car garages, carports or just parking areas at every one. 
Therefore we all drive to our own houses. There is a parking lot at the 
common house so people who don't wish to walk may drive there for activities.

> I'd like to ask others on the listserve their opinion about whether it's 
> really necessary to have people pass the common house on the way from 
> the parking lot to their homes.  I haven't yet lived in cohousing 
> myself.  What I have lived in are apartment complexes where I have to 
> walk a long way from my car to my apartment.  I'm 55 and have some 
> physical limitations, which make it very difficult for me to carry 
> packages, and I seem to need to transport a lot of stuff wherever I go.
Don Weil
Solterra Cohousing 
Durham, North Carolina

Don Weil
Solterra Cohousing 
Durham, North Carolina

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