Re: FW: Talking stick for cohousing-L
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 12:07:53 -0700 (MST)
On Tue, 2 Mar 2004 WOLF1GDSFM [at] wrote:

> The << virtual talking stick >> is an interesting idea; however, I do not see 
> much need for it on cohousing-L ...
> ...  With the relucance to 
> discuss "difficult" issues such as conflict and the constraint that only one 
> topic be discussed at a time, Cohousing-L might become quite boring for long 
> periods.
> Jan Ankney
> Sunward Cohousing
> Ann Arbor, MI

Interesting point.  I guess my concern was that with several topics and
several messages each for a total of 20-30 messages on a day, some topics
would get less attention than they deserve.  I sure would not limit it
strictly to one (boring) topic at a time.  For example on 2/10 (by archive
grouping) there were 17 messages - mostly on "marketing question "  but
also included messages on "Question: How Things Get Done " and "stupid
off-topic posts". 

I wonder if the message that also came that day:
 Re: [C-L]_ parking and common house placement      Laura Fitch
got read and considered as much as if it had come on a day with 3-5
messages which is more typical.  That was the last message on that
subject.  Now maybe most people read it and concluded as I did (now) that
it was a great summary position and that was that.  But I still wonder if 
there was more to say but was crowded out by the "marketing" topic.

Clearly if people read yesterdays mail when time permits AS CAREFULLY as
today's  there would not be a problem but I suspect yesterdays mail 
tends to get less attention like "old mail".


BTW the list seems to be working fine - a couple "features" of the system
and of the test briefly mislead interpretation of the test that Ann and I
did.  It's working fine once I got my expectations adjusted.

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