New York Hudson Valley Ecovillage forming
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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 12:15:15 -0700 (MST)
New York Hudson Valley Ecovillage forming

The goal is an affordable cohousing community and Ecovillage in the Hudson valley region with both owner built and constructed homes available on part of a larger protected land base (100+) acres with all of the related agricultural, educational, and community resources that comes with that, including;

Affordable self owned/cooperatively built cohousing for up to 20+ families, supportive of child rearing.

All land to be held in trust - with cohousing units available on renewable long term lease

The goal is a community and land base that will provide resources to allow a diverse range of sustainable, appropriate technology economic opportunities, while being supportive of those who will also earn money outside of the community.

some goals:

Permaculture design, education, and implementation

Community Based Agriculture production (CSA) and other sustainable agricultural production.

Wild land restoration, and wild land farming

Conference center- Workshops/skillsharing/educational center for youth and others- particularly city youth

Sustainable building, furniture, energy production and other appropriate technology trades.

Alternative media and  digital design

Arts & cultural production

and more.....

The land has not been aquired yet.

Farm land in the Hudson valley is some of the most at risk farmland in the country for development, and there are at lot of convergent interests, from land trusts to local govt administrations working to confront this. We are working towards partnership with others concerned with these issues, and hopefully the time is right for a project like this.

Currently there is a NYC group of folks that are involved in this, & the group has weekly meetings in NYC. Within the group there is an architect who is working on designs, several with construction experience, and others that are working on land searches and financial plans for putting it all together - but more people with the vision and energy to contribute are encouraged to be part of creating a project like this from the ground up.

please consider joining the (brand new) mailing, list and making a short introduction of yourself

HVEcovillage-subscribe [at]

we do not yet have a vision statement, but so far we think the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center's is a pretty good one:

Much of the Center's work is in response to the challenge of how to create ecologically, economically and culturally sustainable communities that are democratic and serve as a counterpoint to privatized and corporatized society.

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