New issue of Cohousing magazine now online
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 19:29:49 -0700 (PDT)
For Coho-L subscribers, a sneak peek: a new issue of Cohousing magazine 
is now online. The official broadcast will follow, but you don't need to 
wait for that to read the new issue, at:

Besides updates in news and classifieds, there's a new article in the 
"Living in Cohousing" section:

Learning from the Land
by Deborah Warshaw, Greyrock Commons, Ft. Collins, CO

Cohousing  residents discover  unexpected and enriching lessons about 
life by tending their community  garden.

Here's an excerpt:

                    We waved goodbye - and good riddance - to the last of 
the construction 
                    trucks. For more than a year the vehicles had used 
for their 
                    staging area what the architects had neatly labeled 
the "community 
                    garden" on our blueprints. Dump trucks, pick-up 
                    18-wheel delivery trucks, piles of lumber, stacks of 
                    and industrial-size garbage dumpsters had squatted on 
                    scraped dirt field during the building of our 
community. Now 
                    they were gone and we could begin to reclaim the land.

Check it out at:


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