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I realized after the fact that the last email I sent out about the Sociocracy event didn't hold the format. As a result it was hard to read. I have included the information again, hopefully this time in a format that will be easier to



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In the process of gaining wealth, do not forget about Self.

*Spend an afternoon and evening with Gerard Endenburg, a key founder of 
Sociocracy, here in the U.S. for a limited time.*

*Afternoon*: A workshop on sociocracy by Gerard Endenburg
(2:00pm - 5:00pm)

*Dinner*: Eat at local restaurants (5:00pm - 7:00pm)

*Evening*: Networking circle meeting; experience a circle in action (7:00pm - 

Attend either session or both!

"How to Build a Better Society and the Role of Community." Familiarity with 
sociocracy is helpful for the workshop but not a prerequisite.

You will:

* Talk directly with Gerard Endenburg (this is a great
 opportunity since Gerard's time is in great demand in Europe),

* Acquire new ideas for accelerating the process of bringing the
 benefits of real community to more people, and

* Gain new insights into the importance of decision-making and governance in developing healthy communities and supporting
 innovative organization building methods.

Gerard will talk about his deep insights into the nature of leadership and his 
vision for bettering our society.  This will include:

* How he is working to develop healthy communities in towns
 and cities and

* The political vacuum he sees at the neighborhood level and the
 importance of filling that vacuum with thoughtful structures,
 such as socially responsible businesses, community mediation
 centers, etc.

Gerard Endenburg and John Buck, an American consultant, will facilitate a 
Network Circle Meeting.

You will:

* Receive support and guidance for bringing sociocracy into your own communities and organizations,

* Deepen your understanding of sociocracy by participating in a
 meeting that is governed sociocractically, and

* Explore opportunities for on-going collaboration with others
 who are using sociocracy.

The circle meeting will include:

* Discussion of your experiences with Sociocracy,

* The current organization of networking circles in The
 Netherlands, and

* Creating an on-going networking circle here in the
 Baltimore-Washington area.

Sociocracy is a unique and practical method for helping groups to govern 
themselves. The model includes everyone in policy-making decisions while also 
providing a clear structure that creates efficient and participatory 

Gerard Endenburg, a Dutch engineer and professor at the University of Maastrict 
School of Business, developed the sociocratic model in his electrical engineering 
company. He later expanded the model for use in many types of businesses 
organizations and community groups in a number of countries. For further background, 
see www.sociocracy.biz <http://www.sociocracy.biz/>.

John Buck of Columbia Maryland will assist Gerard. John is certified as a 
sociocratic organizational consultant by the Sociocratisch Centrum Nederland.

*Location, cost, contact to register*

Takoma Park area in Washington DC.  For the street address contact Nathan Brown 

Afternoon session is $65.  Evening session is $35.
Attend both sessions: $85.

Deadline to register Tuesday, June 22.

*To register, please contact the event coordinator, Nathan Brown, nathan [at] imailbox.com <mailto:nathan [at] imailbox.com> or (202) 726-0144.*

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