Communities Conference at Twin Oaks in VA
From: Tree Bressen (
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 02:20:37 -0700 (PDT)

I am posting the following for a friend:

Twin Oaks Communities Conference:  September 3-6. Ecovillages,
communes, coops, CoHousing, and more.  A weekend of  workshops,
community-building, and fun! $85 (sliding scale) for food and
tenting. We welcome community seekers and members alike. 138 Twin
Oaks Rd, Louisa VA 23093. 540-894-5126. <conference [at]>

I can vouch from personal experience that this is a great conference, although sadly i will not be attending this year. Fellowship for Intentional Community always plans the interim meeting of its "oversight" committee to be in VA near the time of the conference, which means that a bunch of FIC folks attend and lead workshops. Laird Schaub usually comes every year, and i'd expect Tony Sirna of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Harvey Baker of Dunmire Hollow, and others as well. These are very experienced communitarians and i think cohousers can learn a lot from them, as well as passing on their own knowledge learned.

Don't be scared off by it being held at a commune rather than cohousing--having lived at a commune for years, and now a limited equity co-op, and working regularly with cohousing communities on process issues, i can say that most of the issues and dynamics as not as different as one might expect. The conference covers a variety of topics so there's something for everyone.

Plus it's a really fun event in a beautiful spot, and the price cannot be beat! Cheers,



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