OT: Homeport needs residents! You know you want to...
From: Ted Thibodeau Jr (tedmacted.com)
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 19:26:06 -0700 (PDT)
Sorry if you get more than one copy of this -- we're in the last days
of search, and are turning over all stones...

List-Admins -- I hope I've not broken protocol -- please accept my
               apologies if this is deemed inappropriate for yours.

If you're not interested, please share this with friends who may be...

We're still looking for roommates at our fabulous place in Bolton, MA.  
Bolton is about an hour west of Boston, between Route 2 and the Mass 
Pike on I-495.  We're about 5 minutes from either of 2 exits from 495,
but you'd never guess from standing outside...

Homeport <http://www.homeport.org> is a long-term group house, which
has held as many as 7 adults and 2 kids; now 4 adults and 1 kid; soon 
to be 3 adults and 1 kid.  We're open to families, couples, small 
groups, whatever. 

We have 3.5 acres of land bordering on conservation land, a 4500 square 
foot house, 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and many common amenities -- huge
"Great Room" with fireplace, Family Room with jumbotron (big screen 
TV), jacuzzi, multimedia collection and players to match, high-speed 
Internet with wired and wireless connections throughout, office with 
desks for each resident, 3.5 acres bordering conservation land, outdoor
hot tub and deck, and very interesting housemates.

We've got two rooms available now, and could free another, if the right 
folks came along.

Pets are negotiable.  (We now have 3 indoor/outdoor cats, which will 
soon be 2, and can declare cat-free rooms, if needed.)

We do an all inclusive "rent" for boarders, covering food, utilities,
room, internet, cable, phone, professional house-cleaning for common 
spaces, etc.  Becoming a permanent member, and thus part owner, is
also a possibility, if things work out.

We need to get about $1500/month/room. This equates to somewhere 
between $800 and $1000 for rent alone, given everything we wrap in.  

If you know anyone who'd like to live in this cool place, and can
afford anything near that (please remember and remind -- this is 
*not* just rent -- this covers most all the monthly bills), please 
let them (and us) know....

If we can't find anyone soon -- like within the next month, with move-
in quickly after that -- we will need to sell and move, and that will 
suck in too many ways to count (I hate summer-time moving even more 
than winter-time moving, and I've moved in two blizzards...).

So -- please spread the word....

The house website -- http://www.homeport.org/ -- has lots of info.

978-779-6286 has a bunch, too -- ask for Ted or Cat or Dave.



PS Fall-back search is now on for a large multifamily somewhere
   in the Bolton-Framingham corridor, roughly -- where none of 
   our commutes would totally suck... along the lines of 10-12
   bedrooms - in units of 3/3/3/1/1/1 or 3/3/4/1/1 or....  Last
   ditch would be a smaller two-family, units something like 3/1
   or 3/2... so if you know of any of *those*, please also...


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