Cohousing Magazine June 23: Creating Community
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Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 10:30:30 -0700 (PDT)
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Old ideas die hard

by Carol Braford
President,Board of Directors
Cohousing Association of the United States

Sometimes I wonder how long it will take before we stop seeing references
to the old TCN (The Cohousing Network) in articles, newsletters, group
websites and publicity about cohousing. And what about members, which we
no longer have? We continue to receive inquiries - and even money - for
memberships. It's now been months since we completely changed our
association's structure and gave it a new name. Do you think some people
just haven't noticed?

 But then I realize that it hasn't been so long in the scheme of things
after all. To those of us working on this transition, it seems like ages,
but of course that's just one perspective.

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Site-search wisdom

Cohousing developer Chris ScottHanson offers insightful tips for finding
and developing a site that best meets your community's vision

When is the best time for a cohousing group to begin a site search? Do
you recommend a minimum number of members? What needs to be in place in
terms of the group's vision and financial commitments?

 Members usually need to get to know and trust each other before settling
on a location or a specific site. This can take several months, a year or
even longer. It's wise to discuss and clearly understand members' urban
or rural expectations early in a group's development. Read more:

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 Upcoming events .  . .
* Tours set for summer and fall
* International Intentional Community Meetup on July 10

In the news . . .

* What's so "UU" about cohousing?
* PR Newswire article on cohousing
* Oregon cohousing site under public review
* Central Austin Cohousing looks for alternative site
* Cohousing communities make headlines
* Muir Commons hosts fundraiser
* Community for seniors gaining ground
* Cohousing opportunities in Michigan
* Presentation addresses sprawl

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