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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 13:31:41 -0700 (PDT)
It definitely depends on your meals system. We have a large commercial refer
approx. 54'w x 30"d x 80" h. w/ a thermometer built into the face bought
new. We monitor the temp for safety. We buy our produce, mostly organic,
once a week in bulk for 4-5 meals/week -30-45 people/meal. Dairy is
purchased more often. Many of our meals are low or no meat. The root veggies
are stored in another  area which stays cool year round but not in the

We also have a large freezer 30"x 36" x 80" (not new) which would hold a lot
more than it does now. We're not putting up our own fruit or veggies. But
juice, butter, meat, special foods for people with dietary restrictions,
purchased produce, ice cream, ice, etc. go there. We tried a top loader but
it was a huge hassle getting the stuff off the bottom.

The refer is sometimes full to the brim. Individuals are not allowed to
store their own stuff in the fridge.

We have a preset menu Monday-Wed. and Thurs is "Creativity" (= left overs
with dessert). So we're storing food from previous meals for use on Thurs.
We also have a late plate program where folks who can't make dinner can have
a plate put together for them and put in the fridge. Some nights there are
12 late plates!

Hope this helps,
Anne @ Jackson Place - Seattle

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  Cambridge Cohousing in Cambridge, MA, is a community of about 65 adults
and 30 children.  Typical meal attendance:  30 - 50.

  We have a household all-refrigerator (Wood's  Model # R17WUA, W.C. Wood
Co., Ltd., Canada). Sorry I don't know the size but it is not huge and works
perfectly well for storing the food needed for the next meal.  After a meal,
it is practically empty except for a few bottles of condiments.  We're
pretty good about not allowing things to accumulate.  If a left-over is to
be used for the next meal a day or 2 later, that's OK...otherwise it goes
home with someone or is tossed.  Our meal teams are getting pretty good
about estimating the amounts needed.

  In addition, in the pantry, we have an old donated upright freezer which
is used alot and so far, it's continued to work.  (Probably not as energy
efficient as a newer model might be, unfortunately.)

  Peg Blum

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  > The space for the refrigerator is quite large, 40 3/4 wide x 78 1/4 high
x 35 1/2 deep.
  > First of all, what size should we be shooting for in cubic feet for our
group?  Should we use residential or commercial refrigerators?  Is an
all-refrigerator solution with separate freezer a better solution than an
integrated refrigerator-freezer?
  > Best of all, what has worked for you and what hasn't worked for you?
We'd love to learn from your experience.  What size refrigerator and/or
freezer works for your group and what is your group size?

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