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Thanks, Diane. Tammi

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Hi all,
Community Now! in Rochester did something like this...they weren't all 
quite THAT far away from each other, but one of the founders bought a 
duplex and the community rented the other half of the duplex for common 
meals and child play activties...then community members moved into a 2 
or 3-block radius around the common house. Below is the latest contact 
information I could find.
--Diane Simpson

JP COHOUSING  617-524-6614
"Foundations built and only one unit left!"

Community Now Cohousing. Address: 50 Benton St. Rochester, NY 14620 
Phone: (716) 442-2367 E-Mail: David Nelson < archistory [at]>

On Sunday, July 4, 2004, at 12:45 AM, Natural Beginnings wrote:
> We'd love to establishing a common house for us to go to during the 
> day with
> our kids; homeschool; etc.; and share meals.

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