Cohousing Magazine, July 7, 2004
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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 08:22:17 -0700 (PDT)
Cohousing Magazine
July 7, 2004

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In this issue:

Getting better all the time

by Raines Cohen
Boardmember and paperboy, Coho/US

Welcome back to Cohousing magazine! I hope you're enjoying our new format 
and more frequent distribution. Every issue brings you new compelling 
features, such as this week's article by Ann Zabaldo titled "Priceless 
marketing tools." 

But you may not be getting every issue. Or you may have received a 
garbled version of recent issues, resulting in your missing excellent 
features such as Chris ScottHanson's site-search tips and resident 
insights on GreyRock Commons' learning from the land. Here's why - and 
how you can improve your odds. 

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Priceless marketing tools

by Ann Zabaldo

1. Have fun! 
In marketing and outreach, you're letting the world know who you are and 
what you do. You're inviting others to come play in this big game called 
creating community. Play it like a game - and make it fun! 

For example, schedule a "Flyer Day." Send community members out in teams 
of two to post and pass out flyers. Then meet for lunch or dinner to 
share your experiences. Offer a prize to the team or individual who 
distributes the most flyers.

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        This Saturday is your last chance for a Bay Area tour 'til Fall. 
Register today for upcoming tours in the SF Bay Area, Mass., and 
Washington, D.C.
New Classified Ads

Coho/US seeks ad sales rep

Looking for new neighbors: 

*       "THE VILLAGE" artist's retirement coop in Baja 
*       Eastern Village: 5 units left, 6 miles to DC center 
*       Bartimaeus: Christian vision, 7 acres, Seattle ferry 
*       Central Florida Coho: Orlando, FL site search 
*       Wild Sage Cohousing: last 2 units in Boulder, CO 
*       Trillium Hollow: buy or rent in Portland, OR 

Units for sale: 

*       Tucson, AZ: Sonora Cohousing: 2BR, 1.5BA $178,000 
*       Ft. Collins, CO: River Rock Commons: 5BR, 4BA $324,600 
*       Santa Fe, NM: Tres Placitas del Rio: 3750sf $549,000 

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Recently Added Articles

Site-search wisdom

Cohousing developer Chris ScottHanson offers insightful tips for finding 
and developing a site that best meets your community's vision

Learning from the land

Cohousing residents discover unexpected and enriching lessons about life 
by tending their community garden.
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