Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 16:13:53 -0700 (PDT)
Hello -
I am building at Proximity Cohousing (VA) ( and 
several of my neighbors and I would like to have horses! Some of us want to own 
our own horse and others are eager to have horses in the community.  We are 
the Horse People and are herding together to get more information ....

If you have horses in your community OR if you see that this 
situation is similar to something you've dealt with in your community OR 
if you have any ideas that would be helpful - we'd be mighty glad to 
hear from you!

> It is the feeling of those who were at the community meeting that there are 
> many ways in which our community would benefit from the presence of horses. 
> These horses will be privately owned.  The Proximity common property is 115 
> acres of conservation land with both woods and fields, 1 mile of secluded 
> Catoctin Creek river frontage, and the 3,500-square-foot Common House 
> overlooking 
> the community lake and barn. 
> Here are some of the issues we have to address:
> * Fencing? Who paid for the fencing/shelter on community land? If 
> horse owners, how was it handled when another person got a horse? 
> Who 'owns' the fence? Does the 1st horse owner pay the whole initial 
> cost?  
> * Location? How was a location for the pasture chosen? Convenience 
> to horse owner? Within view of neighbors to enjoy the horses? Is 
> the pasture leased from the community for a fee? How did land use 
> for the horses/animals fit into the whole property use?
> * Horse Visits?  What guidelines/rules are in place about 
> visiting/feeding/riding the horses?  Were there any insurance/liability 
> issues?
> * Horse numbers? Is there a limit on the number of horses in the 
> community?  
> * Non-members and horses? Do you have any non-communitymember 
> horses? How is that handled financially and logistically?
> Thank you very much for your time!

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