Re: Private vs. Public space, next to back door
From: Michele Satanove (
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 22:53:47 -0700 (PDT)
Aesthetics are such a personal thing, and I find it surprising that there
isn't more acceptance of each other's situations in cohousing communities

What do people mean when they express fear that the hutch would be
"unsightly or otherwise undesirable"? Have they seen the hutch? Can it be
spruced up a bit, perhaps? What about the "otherwise undesirable" part? Are
they afraid of smells? Of attracting flies? As a long-time pet bunny owner
(in the house), I can tell you that rabbits do not smell at all if the
litterboxes are maintained. Likewise with the flies. I can't imagine what
other objections there would be except that all the kids would want to be
over there checking out the cute little bunnies all the time...

What surprises me is that apparently it is okay for you to have the hutch in
front of your house but not in the back...

One solution -- and you might not like this -- would be to bring the bunny
indoors. I love having mine as indoor pets, finding that they are very
sociable and entertaining when allowed free run of the house, as with cats.
You do have to bunny proof the house though, and if you choose this route, I
would highly recommend reading very thoroughly.

I don't know if this helps any. I think somebody else suggested finding a
neutral party to act as a go-between, and perhaps that would be the best
route to go.

Good luck!
Michele Satanove
Roberts Creek Cohousing (key turn-over on August 2!)

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Subject: [C-L]_ Private vs. Public space, next to back door

> Hi,
> I have a question about the amount of private space surrounding a house in
> a cohousing community. I would like to know how various communities would
> handle my situation, and if similar conflicts have arise in other groups,
> how it was resolved.
> We live in a small cohousing community with limited space. We have a small
> bunny hutch for our bunny, which is currently in a less than ideal spot in
> front of our house.
> We would like to move the hutch to a space right next to our back door.
> This would be in a small as-yet unplanted dirt area, which has been
> designated as a spot that some sort of planting would be done. The hutch
> would not take up all the planting space.
> Our back door faces the common house, and there is a concrete plaza in
> between where kids like to play.
> Some members of the community are against us relocating the bunny hutch to
> this area, saying that it would be unsightly or otherwise undesirable.
> Those opposed are not from any of the households which are right up
> the plaza.
> It is very difficult for us to accept that we cannot have any control over
> this space, or at least some greater measure of consideration when the
> decision is made as to what to do with this space. On the one hand, the
> space outside our back door is part of the commonhouse plaza; on the other
> hand, I could not conceive of trying to dictate what is done right outside
> of the doorway of any other household, without strong consideration of the
> needs and wishes of that unit's occupants.
> Any ideas and help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -edwin
> Temescal Creek Cohousing

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