Re: Consensus/Groupthink - Sandelin
From: Norm Gauss (
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 21:09:34 -0700 (PDT)
> There are people whom I trust that I do not question much,
> because from past experiences I know they do their homework thoroughly and
> they have consistently represented the communities best interests. So I
> to go along with what ever they propose. I see this dynamic as one of
> as opposed to groupthink.

   If the atmosphere of trust is pervasive in the group, "groupthink" indeed
can be present, especially if the trusted one is respected, does a
convincing sales presentation, or has a powerful potentially intimidating
presence and exhibits irritation at being asked penetrating questions.

> Cohousing groups in my experience don't do as much togetherness building
as they > should to build a group cohesion. A group without cohesion tends
to take MUCH
> longer to reach decisions. Building group togetherness is different than
    How is building group togetherness different from groupthink? Please

   Group cohesion may make decision making more efficient, but it certainly
does not invite critical thinking. If the purpose is to hurry along the
agenda, then group cohesion is desirable.  However, it may stifle
imaginative thinking.  I think that if a group can be invited to think in a
monolithic way, the members are more content being a part of the group.
But, wise decisions are less likely to occur with that mindset.  Indeed,
harsh feelings can arise with criticism, but the group benefits, and when
the dust settles, the final result will be superior. And for the most part,
any bruised feelings will heal with time.

Norm Gauss
Oak Creek Commons
Paso Robles, CA

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