Cohousing Magazine: Estes and Sandelin on Consensus
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WELCOME: Letter from the Editor

Remembering why consensus works
by Evangeline Welch

As almost everyone who lives in cohousing knows, making decisions by 
consensus has both rewards and challenges. Sometimes it helps to be 
reminded why your community or group chose this form of governance. With 
this in mind, this week we're featuring updated excerpts of two articles 
from the archives of the CoHousing Journal - the forerunner to this 
online magazine.

First published in the summer of 1994, Caroline Estes' everyone has a 
piece of the truth offers an historical overview along with sage advice 
on making the process work. Rob Sandelin's article why use consensus?, 
which ran in the fall of 1996, reminds us that consensus is all about 
building community.

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Why use consensus?
by Rob Sandelin

When people choose to live in community, they hold a commitment to a 
relationship with each other. The value of this relationship - and the 
energy that goes into maintaining it - is what creates community. People 
choose this lifestyle expressly to create and experience a sense of 
belonging to the group. This is the fundamental reason why almost all 
cohousing communities use it, and why it works as well as it does.

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Everyone has a piece of the truth
by Caroline Estes

The use of consensus as a decision-making process has increased greatly 
in the past 40 years or so. Cohousing groups across America make their 
decisions by consensus, as do many businesses, university departments, 
neighborhoods and other Intentional Communities.

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