Remodels in Cohousing
From: pattymara [at] (
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 11:21:38 -0700 (PDT)
Dear List,
At Tierra Nueva Cohousing, central CA coast, after six years of living here, 
households are beginning to remodel their homes, by building up and/or out.  
Several homes are in the process of interior changes as well. All have impacts 
on the community, ranging from viewshed issues (huge) to the inconvenience of 
construction materials and trucks on site (short term). 

 We have a fence committee and an extensive procedure for fences/decks etc, but 
not additions.  We have discovered that our first experience with a remodel was 
uncomfortable for both the family doing it and for the community on many 
levels.  Posting the plans for the remodel of the first home was insufficient 
information for most of the group, and problems ensued.  We are working to 
create guidelines for the next remodel, to smooth the process for all. 

What is the collective wisdom of the list regarding a process regarding 
building additions?  We are a 27 home PUD, owning our individual lots.

Patty Mara Gourley
Tierra Nueva   

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