Consensus resources--was Groupthink
From: Tree Bressen (
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 21:40:08 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Susan & folks,

I've read the recent thread on groupthink, etc. with interest, thanks everyone for the dialogue.

Fascinating, thoughtful conversation on this topic.  Are there articles,
exercises and readings out there designed for groups trying to use consensus
and wanting to understand it better?

My website has a bunch of articles and tools.

I also have exercises i use when i teach the secular consensus method, but not all of them are posted on the website. One of them, called "Doubles" is on the exercises page of the Tools section at That exercise encourages people to say no without having to explain why, to remind us that a yes is only real if no is also an option; it was written by a consensus trainer from a Quaker background. Two other exercises i use are from the consensus workshop outline on Randy Schutt's excellent website,; one is called "True/False/Ambiguous" and the other is called "Being Right." A fourth exercise i sometimes use in teaching is called "Yes, And," and it's simply a requirement that during discussion, after the first person speaks, every subsequent speaker must start their contribution with the words "Yes, and . . ."--it's a balance to the Doubles game listed above (i refer to them as "the yes game" and "the no game").

My experience and hence my resources
are biased toward Quaker process and the use of consensus and that is a bit
different than the way non-religious groups use it.

Yes, i understand! There is an interesting commentary on this by Eden Grace at:


--Tree, who is heading off to do a service trip via bicycle in Washington state and probably won't be back online until late August or early September


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