RE: Guest Rooms
From: Kay (
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 12:38:36 -0700 (PDT)
Going through my vacation backlog, and I don't see that this question got
any responses!  So I'll bite.  (Check the archives also; this subject comes
up periodically.) 

Response for Wasatch Commons, Salt Lake City, 26 units.  2 guest rooms, one
of which doubles as meeting space, plus a third bed in a loft space
originally intended for exercise equipment.

Q. Do you charge for use of your guest rooms?  If so how much?  

After a household runs out of its allotment of days, then they pay.  I
forget the amount -- it was pretty nominal.

Q. Does this have to be done as a donation to avoid problems with income to
the HOA from other than dues?  How do you handle the money if it doesn't go
through the HOA?

A. The income goes to the HOA as a donation.

Q. Is there a difference in what you charge the guest of a resident as
opposed to an "interested other" who wants to visit and stay the night in
your community?

A. Family or friends of a resident aren't charged if it's within the host's
fourteen days annually.  A couple of residents have had visitors connected
with their work or volunteering, such as volunteer spring break youths or
dance groups visiting a local folk festival.  I believe visitors not
connected with anyone in particular are asked to donate, although we still
request a volunteer in the community to officially "host" them.

Q. How do you schedule the use of the guest rooms?

A. Over the community email list and on a calendar posted near the

Q. Are there limits on length of stay?  If so, what are they?

A. No.

Q. Are households allotted a certain amount of guest room use each year?

A. Each household has fourteen days available for free.

Q. How do you handle having times when households wanting to book a guest
room exceed the rooms available?  Is it first come first served?  Do you
give priority to households who haven't used the guest room as much?

A. We've got a couple of spaces that can become impromptu guest rooms.  If
we hit capacity, sometimes a household that has been using the guest rooms
heavily will cede use and rearrange their guests' visit.  A couple of times
someone with an extra bedroom has offered space in their home for someone
else's guest -- a time or two, even the whole house if the owner was going
to be away.


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