RC Summary
From: Ron Skene (rskenetelus.net)
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 18:08:46 -0700 (PDT)
Stacia-  what a wonderful job of summarizing the development of "Creeky
Commons".  There is lots of information there that I was unaware of- so
thank you so much for putting this together.

Some very interesting exchanges around consensus on the list the last
several weeks.  From the tone of the meeting emails it seems like people
would like to wait until we all move in to have a Consensus Workshop- am I
reading that right?  Also there is the CB "conflict resolution" or some
other group building workshop that is being planned.  Do you see the
Consensus Workshop we envisioned being put on the back burner for now??

Angela & I have been extremely busy working to transfer our businesses form
"location based" (i.e.- Cariboo Clients)  to "no geographic boundaries".  We
are moving from our house Oct. 31st and thus have be selling stuff off like
crazy- amazing how much stuff you gather, Angela has been her 30 yrs.   We
are also doing a lot with our friends, and saying good by to the Cariboo. We
spent last weekend at our favorite lake & had about 30 people drop in for
the afternoon and evening- rich time.

A fellow by the name of Blair Hamilton (a friend of a friend) contacted me,
had a look at our website and is interested in being put on a "renters
list".  Loves he concept of community and would be thrilled to rent if there
is a spot available.  Who is looking after that list currently.

We are hoping to get down this summer- hard to fit in a meeting now that
they are on Tues.  Will they be back to Sat. in Sept. - that may be when it
would be more useful to make the trip.  I would also come down with a bunch
of my tools- so I need to contact Gary to see which ones we need or have
space for in the wood shop.

Many Blessings to you-   Ron

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