Re: Using carpeting as soundproofing in private units
From: Jim Rebman (
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 16:30:23 -0700 (PDT)

Carpeting is definitely not the only or best way to soundproof upper
apartments, and it does nothing to stop the upward spread of fire.  For
this you need concrete flooring (relatively thin) and use of
high-quality soundproffing, fire-retardent insulation in the ceilings
between the upper and lower units.  Here at Wild Sage we have many upper
floor loft apartments which opted for wood floors, and while I believe
there is a thin concrete floor in the upper apartment I'm not sure of
the remainder of the construction details.  I do know that at least one
of the Habitat for Humanity units is an upper floor loft apartment with
hardwood floors (donated) so the remainder of the construction details
could have not been terribly more expensive than typical floor
construction.  Some of these upper units also have ceramic tile in their

-- Jim

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> Hello everyone,
> In designing our units, we have put in a good amount of
> soundproofing between units since we want to have a minimum of noise
> between units.  We were told, however, that the only effective way to
> minimize sound transmission between that are units above and below
> other is to use soft flooring (carpeting) rather than hard flooring
> (hardwood, etc.) in the upper units.  Accordingly, we decided to put
> carpeting in all units that are above other units.  Those units could
> choose to have hardwood floors even as an option.
> We are now in the process of writing condo documents as well as
> rules and regulations.  How do we legally require carpeting or other
> sound-deadening floor coverings in the upper level units, considering
> otherwise the unit owners or their successors could later on remove
> carpeting and replace it with much noisier hardwood or other hard
> flooring?  Has anyone addressed this situation and if so how?
> Thanks for your assistance on this question.  I hope all your
> summers are going well!
> Sincerely,
> David Heimann
> JP Cohousing
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