RE: Using carpeting as soundproofing in private units
From: Douglas G. Larson (
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 04:54:36 -0700 (PDT)
>Hello everyone,

>       In designing our units, we have put in a good amount of
soundproofing between units 
>since we want to have a minimum of noise between units.  We were told,
however, that the >>only effective way to minimize sound transmission
between that are units above and below >each other is to use soft
flooring (carpeting) rather than hard flooring (hardwood, etc.) >in the
upper units.  Accordingly, we decided to put carpeting in all units that
are above >other units.  Those units could not choose to have hardwood
floors even as an option.
>       We are now in the process of writing condo documents as well as
rules and
>regulations.  How do we legally require carpeting or other
sound-deadening floor coverings >in the upper level units, considering
that otherwise the unit owners or their successors 
>could later on remove the carpeting and replace it with much noisier
hardwood or other 
>hard flooring?  Has anyone addressed this situation and if so how?

>       Thanks for your assistance on this question.  I hope all your
summers are going well!

>David Heimann
>JP Cohousing

My unit has three floors. The middle or main floor is hardwood and the
top floor is carpted. When we moved in the basement was unfinished but
we finished it 2 years ago and when we did we were concerned about noise
transmission from the main floor down to the basement. One of our
residents is an architect and he researched this question. There is a
product (which I don't recall the name of) but it's a thin metal strip,
maybe 1/8 inch thick, that is nailed to the ceiling joists. The ceiling
drywall is then fastened to these metal strips rather than directly to
the joists. It supposedly cuts noise transmission by 80% or so. In my
experience it does cut nearly all the voice transmission. When I am in
the basement, can barely hear voices from the main floor. I can hear
footsteps on the hardwood floor up there but it isn't harsh and I have
rugs over part of it. I hear absolutely nothing from the carpeted top
floor down to the main floor. 

Douglas Larson,
Songaia Cohousing

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