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Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 06:08:32 -0700 (PDT)

Are you doing individual private unit ownership cohousing, or are you doing a housing cooperative of renters in a cooperatively owned building? HUGE difference effecting whether you can use ownership cohousing as a measure of your potential vacancy rates. If you are a planning on the latter, you should be looking into housing co-ops (not cohousing) and their vacancy experiences. Start at


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I just subscribed to this list, which I should have done some time ago.
We're in the process of forming a housing co-op, and pretty far along -
we're looking to lease a building for 16 people, many of which are already
committed to the project, and we even have an investor who plans to buy
and redevelop to our needs. All of this is great.

We're currently researching issues for the investor's due process, one of
which deals with turnover rates and vacancy management in comparable
communities. I'm looking for a couple of things from anyone who'd be
willing to share their experience:

1. What vacancy rate have you experienced at your housing cooperatives?
I'm looking for success stories and crash-and-burn stories, if possible,
and hopefully a little context for each.

2. How do you manage turnover? Details are definitely welcome, like how
large a vacancy reserve your co-op maintains, but I'm also interested in
the 'theory', things like how the bylaws address turnover, how the
community views changes to the group composition, how (in broad terms) you market openings, and whether or not you feel your community is successful
in dealing with turnover.

3. Are you familiar with any studies or papers written on the topic? Do
you by any chance have something you can share?

Thanks for considering these questions. If you have the time and
motivation to answer, you'll have a very appreciative audience.

BTW, we're forming in Milwaukee as an urban housing cooperative, if anyone
is interested we have vacancies!

Rob Martin
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